20 April, 2013

Mini Size @ Tavros


I passed Tavros so many times with ISAP line (a.k.a. Metro line 1 or Green Metro), but I never made a stop. So it was a pleasure to know the area visiting this small restaurant by the train (not ISAP) line.

It was a Wednesday night. Before the visit, I called the restaurant to make a reservation. Not because I thought I might not be able to find a table (it was a Wednesday and we tend to eat relatively early), but because to make sure that it was open. The man took my call was totally disinterested to take note as if he was sure that it was not necessary to reserve a table for me.

And indeed the place remained empty for all the two hours we stayed there from 20 to 22 o'clock.

The menu was rather long for such a small restaurant and there was no sign that it changed often. They have starters, salad, pasta, and main dishes. Main courses are mostly meat, and pork and chicken in particular. There were also 2 fish main courses, if I remember well.

The bread basket was rich...

as well as the free amuse-bouches. From the left, dip made of Philadelphia cheese (so explained by the waiter), veal keftedes, and kotopita (chicken pie).

Quite enjoyable, if not chef-d'oeuvre.

Salad of orange, lettuce, beets, sliced Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar.

This dish was quite good. I don't believe the cheese was true Parmiggiano, but still OK. Not that I was convinced by the combination of beets and orange, but it was something worth trying. 6.40 Euro.

And a starter of aubergine roll of haroumi cheese, 5.40 Euro.

Aubergine was smokey and sweet. If it was served hot, and not lukewarm, it would have been better.

Then the main courses. We both ordered meat.

Here is pork fillet with leek, raisins, and pine nuts. 10.80 Euro.

This was delicious, but again it was served lukewarm. The side dish was jacket potato and sauteed vegetables.

The other main dish was chicken with asparagus, Parmesan and cherry tomatoes. 9.50 Euro.

The chicken was over-cooked and hard. The asparagus turned out to be only one white asparagus cut in two in lengthwise. I did not understand where Parmesan was. This dish was served with mashed potato flavored with ginger (powder), and the same sauteed vegetables used also on the other dish. The mashed potato had a strange texture, as it contained cornflour or somethingServed

There were too many unsuccessful experiments going on one dish. Again served lukewarm, I liked this dish the least.

The dessert was on the house.

The panna cotta was just average, but the other caramel cheese cake was excellent. I almost forgot about the unsuccessful chicken dish.

And I should not fail to mention that the house red wine was quite good.

The total bill came to 38.40 Euro. The pricing of main dishes looked too high, but, if you consider that we had free amuse-bouche and free dessert, 20 Euro per a head including wine was good value for money.

Overall I can say that I enjoyed the meal. Some of the elements were not successful, but I still enjoyed the experiments. I only wished the food to be served hot, when it should be.

Konstantinopoleos 26, Tavros, Athens
Κωνσταντινουπόλεως 26, Ταύρος, Αθήνα
Tel. 210-3424704

P.S. I remember that I wanted to write that for the whole time we stayed there, they had Kiss FM as background music. Do they do it all the time?

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