23 April, 2013

Anahita Persian Restaurant @ Halandri

After a rather unsatisfying experience at Pars Persian restaurant in Halandri, we definitely had to try the other Persian in the same neighbourhood, Anahita.

This has been the only Persian in Athens for a long time before the opening of Pars and thus is better known.

We went there with 3 other friends and I did not take as many photos as I usually do, but I think I can give you some idea about this place.

We arrived there at 7:30 on a Wednesday. It is standing in a quiet residential area and you won't find it just by chance, while Pars is visible from a much trafficked main car road. From outside, it looks more modest than Pars.

As you can imagine, there was no one else in the restaurant and we were greeted by the owner-chef whose Greek was not perfect. We did not ask her nationality, but she isn't definitely Greek.

We liked the dining area much better than at Pars where it was dark and looked somehow like under-construction. Anahita has more home-like feel.

The folkloric decorations are limited and it is not kitsch. Besides, the restaurant has a strict non-smoking policy. I heard that owner chef lady explaining on the phone to somebody that she would never allow anyone to smoke inside the building. Good (as GB and I do not smoke).

The menu is pretty much the same as the one of Pars. There is no way that it was a coincidence (you can see both menus on their websites). These two must have some connection. I have an impression that the prices of main courses are bit lower at Pars, but as Anahita offers various discounts (coupons, Diners card, Athinorama card, etc), many people, including us, manage to get better price at Anahita.

As starters we ordered one lachmajun (4 pieces), 1 yogurt and spinach mixture, and 1 yogurt and smokey aubergine mixture, 1 salad and bread. They were all fine. Yogurt dips cost only 3.50 Euro, but salad without any meat or fish cost 7 Euro. I have to mention also that the presentation of salad was quite similar also at Pars.

GH ordered lamb kebab with rice (11 Euro).

Now that I look back, he ate exactly the same thing at Pars. The presentation is again exactly the same.

I ordered Saffron rice served with lamb and yellow split peas stew.

Rice was fine as expected and also the meat was good, but the stew had a bit unpleasant smell, probably coming from the oil with which potatoes were flied.

The other people ordered rice based dishes, all served with baked chicken (11 Euro). They were quite happy with their choices.

With 1 bottle of beer and 1 coke, the bill came to 80 Euro, from which 30% was deducted because I have Athinorama card. 16 Euro per person probably was not bad and 12 Euro p.p. was even better.

By the time we left, the restaurant was 80% full and at least half of them have some kind of discount (many were speaking about coupons). Considering it was a Wednesday evening, I can say that it was doing a good business.

Fiscal receipt was provided without any explicit request.

We liked Anahita better than Pars, provided that we have a discount from the catalogue price.

Chrysostmou Smyrnis 3, Halandri, Athens, 15232
Χρ. Σμύρνης 3, Χαλάνδρι, Αθήνα, 15232
Tel. 210 68 91 222
Mob. 6936 8888 79


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