10 June, 2012

Sugar Free Cold Chocolate

I am still not totally fine due to the high temperature. However it is sad not to go out at all on Sunday, so we went for a coffee at Plateia Alexandras in Piraeus.

Plateia Alexandras (Alexandra Square) is on Zeas Marina. It has a very nice view of the Marina, but it is relatively quiet and peaceful.

We entered Stretto, one of the three cafeteria of the piazza.

There I found sugar free chocolate drinks, which can come cold or hot, black or white.

I tried cold dark chocolate.

Although it was sugar free, it was sweet due to low calorie sugar substitute. I would not have minded even it had not been sweet at all, because I do not like sweet drinks in general.

Anyway it was very cold and refreshing. If you like chocolate and want to cut sugar intake, it is an excellent choice.

3.90 Euro.

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