23 June, 2012

Himona-Kalokeri @ Nea Makri

Last Sunday was an Election Sunday. After the Greek Husband finished his citizen's duty (which I do not have), we went to the beach of Schinias. It is currently GH's favourite in Attiki.

I am not a lover of sea and went there just to keep him a company. It wasn't not as hot as in central Athens/Piraeus and it was pleasant to be under the beach parasol.

After the beach, we went to a restaurant called Himona-Kalokeri (Χειμώνα-Καλοκαίρι, meaning Winter-Summer) on the edge of Nea Makri on our way home.

It has a large and beautiful garden and, of course, everyone was seated al fresco.

It is a relatively expensive restaurant, maybe 20% more expensive than at average tavernes.

The bread, dips, a bottle of mineral water are compulsory order, if you don't refuse explicitly.

Brown bread was nicely fluffy.

To accompany the bread, we were given mixture of high-quality olive oil and very dense balsamic vinegar (very nice) and sour yogurt dip (I wasn't keen).

As starter, we ordered vegetarian dolmadakia, that were OK.

And feta, peppers, and tomato slices in oven. Nice (but difficult to go wrong, as far as they use right ingredients, isn't it?).

And a salad. I think it was called "Himona-Kalokeri" salad. Except for lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, there are also sliced raw mushrooms and avocado.

I am not sure if you can tell you from the photo, but the quantity is huge. Even so, to justify 9.50 Euro price-tag, I believe they should do something with dressing, while it came totally undressed (although there were salt, pepper, and olive oil on the table).

We ordered only one main dish. Pork fillet in thyme, mavrodafni and honey sauce. The waitress warned us that the dish was sweet, but we dared.

And it turned out to be very sweet. There is nothing wrong with the sweetness in the sauce, but I believe that they overdid the honey. Besides, the alcohol in the sauce wasn't quite evaporated yet. We did not regret our attempt, but I don't need to try it again.

We were quite full at this point, but we ordered one dessert, as I had read that it serves superb desserts.

But, before the dessert, we were given two glasses of sweet moscato wine.

The majority of the sweets were with chocolate, but we do not like the chocolate much. That left us with this pavlova.

It was good for a Western-style dessert in Greek restaurant (the standard is not very high, if you do not go to really good restaurant).

The total bill came to 52 Euro, which we thought was fair, because of the nice environment and beautifully presented dishes and table set.

I don't think I would go again, because I did not like at all the service there (it was Greek street taverna standard). But if you happen to be near and want something different from the ordinary, why not? You might like it more than I do.

Xeimona - Kalokairi
Leoforos Poseidonos 93, Nea Makri-Zouberi, 19005, Attiki
Tel. 22940-99704

NB: Be careful with the Navi, because there is Leoforos Posidonos also in Marathon and in Rafina. My Google map application wanted take me to Rafina.

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