10 June, 2012

Cheese Cake @ Gazi College

Today we had a lunch at Dioskouroi on Adrianou Street. I knew that the food was mediocre, but it was a friend of GH who chose it. It wasn't my fault.

After that GH and I went to Gazi College for a coffee and to try their well-publicized sweets.

We ordered a cheese cake. The Greek cheese cakes are always raw and often combined with sour cherry. This one wasn't exception.

What impressed us above all was its size. We first thought they brought two pieces by mistake. It was that big.

Now the taste. Unfortunately it was not my type of cheese cake. It did not have much of cheese taste and was rathe boring. Not that I am saying it was bad, but it was not something I want to eat again. 5 Euro.

On the other hand coffees were fine. Cold espresso for 3.50 euro and cold cappuccino for 3.70 euro.

We liked that they brought us water and ice cubes in a separate bucket.

Next time we will try some food.

Gazi College
Persefonis 53,
Gazi, Athens
Tel. 210 3422112

By the way, today it is very hot. I am not really feeling well now. I have to get used to the temperature.

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