02 June, 2012

Loukoumades @ Kypseli in Nea Smyrni

[Update 5 March 2014: this shop does not exist any more]

Had a coffee at a new cafeteria called Kypseli in Nea Smyrni. It is one of many shops in Plateia 25 Martiou.

It sells Loukoumades, yogurt, and frozen yogurt. We ordered one portion of loukoumades with honey. They gave us 5 pieces for 4 euros. I did not like orange peel in the honey (it killed the taste of honey), but the loukoumades were light and not too oily.

We regretted not having ordered a dish called Pyrgos (tower) which is composed of loukoumades, frozen yogurt, and various berries. We will do at next time.

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