28 August, 2011

10% Tax Increase at Meals at & from Restaurants

From 1 September, the VAT on the food at restaurants and bought from the take away shops will be up from 13% to 23%.

Accordingly the restaurants should (& are entitled to) increase the price tag by 10%, although not all can afford to do so considering the current economic climate. Nevertheless, many people would refain from eating outside at least for a month or 2 until they forget that the tax has been increased.

It is totally stupid to increase tax by staggering 10% on something we can easily avoid to buy. The state income won't increase by 10% and it is well possible that it decreases by a few %. At the same time, the unemployment rate of restaurant workers will increases and the state will collect even less income tax. It is a real loss loss situation.

And evidently most of the people in the government and the Troika know what is going to happen, but still they are doing it.

This is one of the most predictable failures, but the truth is the less predictable failures are also going on, while the top politicians, bankers, technocrats should be well aware that they are not doing any good to the country.

Where are they taking us?

When we went to Glyfada last time, Kiliza restaurant in Biftekoupoli was closed down as well as some others.

Ex Kiliza

The street can hardly be called Biftekoupoli any more. Now it is just a narrow pedestrian street with some restarants. What a depressing view.

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