20 August, 2011

La Pasteria @ Glyfada

On Saturday evening, we dropped in at La Pasteria in Glyfada.

La Pasteria is a very successful franchise brand of Italian restaurants. I don't usually do big franchises, because the food tend to be imparsonal, but on this occasion I thought it would be nice to find out what was the reason of success.

When we sat down, we were asked if we wanted water and bread basket. It is good that you can say "no", as in many restaurants, bread and water are obligatory order.

There were 3 small pieces of bread in the basket. I don't know how it was supposed to divede between 2 of us. The dip tasted like harb mayonnaise. The olives were good.

Hubby feel always ashamed to order small number of plates, so he ordered also a starter. It was aranchini (croquettes) of mushroom risotto.

I wondered if they recycled left over mushroom risotto in this way.

Not impressed.

Hubby ordered a strange mixture of pasta (rigatoni, tortellini etc) with cream, chichen, bacon etc baked in oven.

This is very Greek, but would be a sacrilege to Italians. Hubby liked it, as he is Greek, but I felt ashamed only seeing it. And I thought I could make this with the leftover pastas in the fridge.

I ordered sort of sauteed pork fillet in lemon sauce with capers served with penne.

But it looked more like the penne served with pieces of meat. The penne were undercooked and were still hard. It was not "al dente", just "not cooked enough". The flavour was undistinguished and I would call it a total desaster, if I had cooked something like this at home.

The total bill was more than 40 Euro together with a glass of beer.

I completely failed to discover the seacret of their success.

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