11 September, 2011

Molly Malone's @ Glyfada

Friday after-work drive to Glyfada.

Gyufada is not special, but it is very easy to find place to park and there is a plenty of space to take a walk. These factors make Glyfada a convenient place to stop before going home.

Hubby not being very hungry, we decided to have a hamburger and a salad. The obvious choice would have been Hard Rock Cafe, but this time we wanted to try somewhere new.

That was how we entered Molly Malone's, an Irish Pub in Glyfada.

The place was thriving, the all the out door tables were already taken when we arrived. So we went upstairs and seated at a table.

Molly Marone's Glyfada

Although more than half of the patrons were Greek, I could recognized quite many are English speakers.

The menu was like that of the franchise pubs we used to go when we lived in UK. It brought us a nostalgic feeling.

We ordered, besides a pint of beer (5 Euro) & a diet coke (3 Euro), the following dishes.

Steak Sandwich (9.50 Euro). I was asked how would I like the meat and I asked medium. What I got I think was Greek medium, i.e. very close to well-done.

Steak Sandwich

It was totally devoid of green vegetables and potato wedges were disappointing, but the meat was tender and could actually cut with teeth (essential when you have to eat a steak in sandwich). It was under seasoned, but was fine with some drops of ketchup (we are speaking about pub food here, not a haute cuisine!).

Lack of green was supplemented by hot chicken salad (I think it was 9 Euro).

Chicken was marinated in 'Cajun seasonings) and slightly hot. Not an eye-opening dish, but pleasant enough.

In general, the quantity is rather small by Greek standard, but the food was not too much like fast food. It was cooked with a necessary care.

The total bill came to 27 Euro. The price did not reflect yet the recent increase in VAT tax at restaurants. If it were, the bill would have been 30 Euro.


If you are looking for beer and pub food in Glyfada, this is a good place to go. I.e., it does what it says.

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Anonymous said...

The place is ok if you want to watch sports but that is about it. The food is nothing like it was in the past and the bar women and men you have to keep an eye on to ensure you are not overcharged. The place has deteriorated from when I visited it 4 years ago. Not sure if it is under new management but staff and atmosphere not the same. The food was of poor quality and very over priced when you can compare to other places you visit in Glyfada. I will not recommend the place from now on and will not be returning. Shame was a nice place in the past!!!!!

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