06 September, 2010

Sunset Restaurant @ Hydra

This is one of the restaurants where we ate in Hydra this August: Sunset Restaurant.

It is at one edge of Hydra town, just above Hydroneta. It is so called because there you can see beautiful sunset. But when we went, it was already dark and it was as it was in the photo.

Sunset Restaurant, Hydra

Even after the dark, there is a sea view, but the sea in the night is just dark and I don't think it is so beautiful.

It is a classy sort of place by Greek standard, and accordingly, the price is rather high. The service personnel isn't friendly or serviceable either.

The portion of bread is also stingy: this supposed to be for 2 people.

Lettuce, dill and spring onion salad (€ 5).

'Home Made' melizanosalata (€ 5.50).


I was disappointed in this one, as the aubergine did not have smokey flavour, but Hubby said he liked it.

Hubby's Pork Chop (€ 9.50).

The meat itself was just average, but the chips were terrible. They must have been under the heater for some time.

This one I think was called Tassia's Pan Fried Pie (€ 8.50).

It was from Mezedes section, but it turned out to be a huge pie. The crust, similar to Arabic paper bread, was crispy and nice, but I didn't like particularly the brend of cheeses.

With a bottle of water and a bottle of beer, the bill came to € 36.50. This is not an exorbitant sum, but I left disappointed because the quality of food was not up to the price tag.

In my personal opinion, this is not a place where I should come for food, but just for the view.


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