30 September, 2010

Lena's Meat Pie @ Syntagma

Near Syntagma Square, there is a shop that looks like delicatessen called "Lena'" and I went in there for the first time the other day.

There is a small seating space, but it is so small that I won't even call it a cafe. It is rather a delicatessen with seating space. They sell cooled food as well as some grocery.

I did not have enough time to look around closely. I just bought a piece of pie and took off.

Here is a meat pie I thing was called kimadopita.

It cost €3.80. It might look expensive, but considering the size and quality, not really. If I ate the same pie in taverna, it would cost the same or more.

Obviously I did not eat in one go.

It contained small bits of meat (rather than minced meat), onion, cheeses and a lot of coriander.

If the shop is open until evening, I would buy some for dinner. Unfortunately, however, the business seems to close in later afternoon or early evening.

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