11 September, 2010

Rakadiko in Summer

Old story.

We visited Rakadiko for the 3rd time in July 2010.

For this place, see RAKADIKO in Gate to Greece.

We ate: Fried Potatoes "Rakadiko".

I never liked this dish. But it was for Hubby, so it does not matter.


I would like Dakos to be more salad-ey. This was only dried bread, cheese and bit of chopped tomato. But, to be honest, I don't know how Dakos should be and I don't have right to comment on it, except for my personal preference.

And Pork Souvlaki.

Not bad, not good; just average. I did not like the "sos" (yellow blob) with souvlaki. Addition of some veggie would be appreciated to make the dish look more appetising. I was disappointed in this dish.

Besides the food, the place looked a bit "off". Spoken to the women who looked like the owner (but not sure), we learnt that this place is half-closed during the summer and weekend music nights are also suspended.

Maybe the usual chefs were on leave as well. Now that I think, menu items were decreased in comparison to the other times.

We will be back to see how it is now.

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