18 September, 2010

Pannacotta @ Odos Milioni, Kolonaki

I went to Milioni street in Kolonaki for the first time.

It is a small, narrow pedestrian street lined with cafeterias and restaurants. It is a bit similar to Valaoritou, but it is narrower, darker and cozier.

The well known Italian restaurant/cafeteria Pritanion is in this street.

We entered in an Italian cafe situated in front of Pritanion. I cannot remember the name. In my memory, it seems to be combination of a number and an Italian word like "tazze", but it is too hazy.

I ordered a pannacotta with strawberry sauce and it turned up to be in this shape.

In Greece, people don't care too much about presentation and it is rare to see something unique as this one. A small but dense hand-made pannacotta was served on a boat of slightly sweet pie. I could see that it was prepared with care.

Maybe this is the Kolonaki chic.

I would like to revisit to try some food next time.

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