04 October, 2014

Jaipur Palace Indian @ Alimos

It has been sometime since my last post. No particular reason, except for I did not have much time during the last few weekends. We have been travelling and eating around as usual.

Today I will post about Jaipur Palace in Alimos. We went there with a discount coupon, so ours is not a regular visitor's experience, but I hope it still helps to give people an idea.

The 'original' Jaipur Palace is in Kifissia. Then, when Iskandar in Alimos closed its door, Jaipur took over the exercise, almost without any change in interior and exterior decor. One Indian is good for another other?

Here is the interior. In comparison to some new Indian restaurants in central Athens, it is definitely kitsch. It might be good or bad, depending on your taste. I just did not like the water cups made of metal, because they made water taste metal.

It was a Friday evening. When we arrived at 8 o'clock, it was totally empty. When we left at around 10, two other tables were occupied, but still it was far from lively. The amount of customer traffic might have influenced the freshness of the food, as you read below.


Sauces and pickles for papadom.

These reminded me of my former life in England. I felt nostalgic.

As starter, we chose vegetable samosas.

The filling tasted too much of green peas and little spice. And there was a hint of staleness. I did not like them at all.

Here is one of their tandoor dish. I don't remember the name, but they are morsels of chicken breast, marinated with nuts paste and spices.

Meat was so tender that the texture was almost mashy. Probably not badly executed, but was not what I liked.

From curries, we chose something with lamb. If you think that the portion is tiny, it is an illusion. This sort of Indian metal bowls looks small, but can contain more than you expect.

I did not like this one either. There was no sharpness of fresh spices. I suspected the sauce was cooked a while ago. Same with the meat, which was cooked to death. All in all, it was uninteresting stale stew.

Naans looked right, but they were too tough and dry to be really right. Not bad though.

Pilau rice was probably the most properly cooked thing this evening.

With a bit of drink and water, we paid 30 Euro for the coupon. But if you order without discount, it would have been 50 to 60 Euro. Way too expensive for what they are. Definitely I would stick to Indian restaurants in Athens.

Jaipur Palace
Eleftherias Avenue 6 (end of Amfitheas), Alimos
Λ. Ελευθερίας 6 (Πρώην Αμφιθέας), Άλιμος

Tel. +30 2109812009
Μob +30 6947117451


Archeotourist said...

So much fooooood :))) And it looks fine. Thank you for the contact form, kept it for our following year vacation or maybe later.

mesogeia said...

Hello Archeotourist,
Thank you for visiting. I checked out you blog. Nice!

Archaeotourist said...

Thank you very much. We always find nice and interesting things when visiting blogs and yours is a great inspiring one!!!!!!!!! Cheers! A Mythos or an Afpha, we were talking about....

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