13 September, 2014

Telescope @ Haidari

We visited to a cafe-restaurant called Telescope in Profitis Ilias Hill of Haidari in late August.

Profitis Ilias Hill is not as famous as Lycabettus, but it commands equally impressive view of Athens and Piraeus.

This was not the first time for us to be here. It was around 3 years ago. We came here for a coffee. The name of the cafe-restaurant then was Epopsi.

I did not see it changed much. Only tangible difference was that there are now several telescopes which patrons can use. To my regret, we forgot to try them ourselves, although there was one near us.

Here is the view of Athens in the dusk.

The occasion was to use a discount coupon I bought from Internet. So our experience of food might not be typical.

Here are the starters. Fried rolls and dumplings and salad with chicken.

This is my main course. I think it wanted to be teriyaki salmon, but it was way too sweet. The rice wasn't totally cooked. The veal dish GH ordered was better.

To be honest, I did not appreciate their cooking. On the other hand, the price isn't so high as you would expect from such place. Main dishes are around 10 Euro.

As it is a cafe, the drinks tend to be slightly more expensive than at tavernas or casual restaurants (beer was 5 Euro). However, all in all, if you are not too fussy about food and don't mind paying a tiny bit of extra, I am sure that you can have a quite nice time here.

Of course, if you order only coffee, it is cheaper, but the cafe/bar section is not as comfortable as in the restaurant section.

And, in the restaurant, you can reserve a good table in advance and make sure that you see this while you eat.

Profitis Ilias Hill, Haidari, Athens
Λόφος Προφήτη Ηλία, Χαϊδάρι, Αθήνα
Tel. 210 5812047

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