12 October, 2014

Circus @ Kolonaki

Visited a very popular bar called Circus in Kolonaki in one Friday evening of September.

Administratively it might be in Kolonaki, but it is not the chic Kolonaki you might think of. The closest metro station is Panepisthimio and there are many young people - young like university student young - circulating the area. It is almost Exarchia.

I wrote above that it is popular. How do I know? It is because most of my Foursquare "friends" of Athens have been here; I do not see such concentration elsewhere. I wrote "friends", but they are not actual friends I go out with, but random people that I follow their activities (and they do mine), so, statistically, it is a better sampling than hearsay from the actual circle of friends.

To be such a popular place, it was surprisingly small. I wonder how busy it gets in the evening.

And for such a small place, the menu is long. Circus is famous as a cocktail bar, but it serves also coffee and food. The food is more like cafeteria/pub sort of food than taverna food. I guess it targets at the office people in the area. A cocktail costs 8.50 Euro. But for happy hours, it becomes 6.50 Euro (it was 16:00 to 20:00 if I remember well).

GH ordered one cocktail that I do not remember. There is a large ball of ice which melts only slowly.

I ordered something with ginger. Royal Ginger maybe? Not sure. The floating yellow thing is Chrysanthemum.

We thought that the cocktails were good, but I have to say also we do not have any expertise what-so-ever in cocktail field.

GH ordered also hand-cut potato chips with cheddar sauce. I think it was 3.50 Euro.

On the upper corner, you see a bowl of pop corns. Circus is famous also for unlimited delicious pop corns. If you wonder if there are delicious and undelicious pop corns, you'd better go and try.

All in all, nice experience. We did something we do not do usually after work and left happy.

Navarinou 11, Kolonaki, 10680 Athens
Ναυαρίνου 11, Κολονάκι, 10680 Αθήνα
Tel. 210 3615255


Linda said...

It does look like a nice place.

mesogeia said...

Hello Linda,
Yes, this is a part of Athens that was reborn contradictory in the era of economic crisis.