10 August, 2014

Where We Ate in Samos (Summer 2014 - Part 1)

We went to the island of Samos in late July for 7 days 6 nights. As usual, I will write a quick note about where we ate during the trip.

This time we traveled by air, because it did not look worthwhile to spend 2 days on ferry as we were not bringing our car. As the ferry ticket for car is quite expensive, if you are not staying at the destination island more than a week, it is often cheaper to rent one on the island.

So our first stop was Pythagorio, near the airport, probably the most touristic town of Samos. The number of restaurants here was impressive.

As we wanted to continue for our destination quicker, we just stopped for a crepe in a cafeteria by the sea. It was called Time Out Cafe.

The staff was friendly, but there was nothing attractive about this crepe. We did not find even Wifi signal. This one is to avoid.

Then we arrived at our 1st place of stay, Kampos Marathokampos (pronounced Kambos Marathokambos) in the afternoon. We were too tried to get our shabby rent car - which did not have powersteering! -  to go anywhere far, so we tried to go to a taverna called The Ballad of Salome and Bill which was highly ranked on Tripadvisor.

Then, when we found it, we saw more people at a taverna next-door called Ioanna and changed our mind.

And surprise surprise! We met one of GH's uncle eating here. He and his family live in Kampos, so probably he knew how to pick good (or/and cheap) tavernas.

The food actually was pretty good and portion was generous. Here is a plate of keftedes for 6 Euro. It was served as a starter, but could easily filled one person's stomach.

We ordered also horta, oven-baked spaghetti, and an aubergine dish. Dessert was on the house. The food bill came to 22 Euro (which does not include drink, because the uncle paid our beers) and the receipt was duly issued.

I would have returned, if we were staying more days in Kampos.

By no means it is a gourmet restaurant. The place serves everything from those dishes to souvlaki, pizza and pasta, but is a comfy taverna by the beach, quite convenient during holidays.

Main Street of Kampos Marathokampos, Samos island
Κάμπος Μαραθοκπάμπου, Σάμος
Tel. 22733 00205


We were told by one of GH's cousines that a taverna called Kleopatra is also good Kampos. It is one of the older tavernas in the area. We did not have chance to visit it this time. Maybe next time.

One evening we went to Ormos Marathokampou (which is a port of Marathokampos). GH says that Ormos used to be more popular than Kampos, but now the it is the other way around. Ormos is a quiet fishing village with several tavernas and hotels. We were told that there was a good fish tavern (something like "thalassies hantres"), but our destination was a pizzeria called "Pizza Cave".

The most original name for a pizzeria.

It was just because GH used to eat here often when he was little and he enjoyed a lot.

Here it came. This is a Special pizza in Large size. 10 Euro.

Unfortunately I did not see what was special about it and it was not even large. They used a vile tasted processed meat, which killed even the basic harmony of cheese and pizza crust.

Personally I won't come back.

Pizza Cave
Ormos Marathokampos, Samos island
Tel. 22730 37443


For GH's memory's sake, we went to also Votsalakia Cafe-Taverna in Votsalakia, near Kampos Marathokampou, not for food, but just for a drink.

The taverna shares the name with the breach in front. I do not have the address, but you won't miss it, if you come to Votsalakia Beach.

GH ordered a strawberry lemonade, which, if I remember well, was 3.50 Euro.

I ordered a scoop of ice cream, which was only 1.50 Euro. I checked also their food menu and the price looked reasonable. Wifi was working fine, as well. Nice place to chill.

And following a piece of advice from a cousin of GH's, we visited a taverna called Chrisopetro, one of the first taverna you see coming into Kampos from the East.

It has a nice view to the sea and is a fish tavern, but has also various meat dishes.

We ordered Spaghetti Del Mare for 20 Euro for 2 persons, following the cousin's recommendation, but I found it disappointing. The spaghetti was overboiled and most of the seafood looked frozen. The only good thing was 2 large karavides on top.

That said, all the other dishes were fantastic. Here are boiled green beans and zucchini flowers stuffed with rice.

Also Marathopitakia (which were more like marathokeftedes) were good.

I asked our friendly waitress what were the ingredients except for maratho (dill) and she replied:

"Ah, I do not know. You have to ask the chef, because he is the one who cooks".

She said it in a good humour, but it was one of the most unprofessional remarks I have ever heard from restaurant serving staff.

The totall bill was 40.50 Euro because of the expensive and disappointing spaghetti, but you can get away for much less.

Kambos Marathokampou, Samos, 83102
Tel. 30 22730 37248 / 31304


And the last but not the least. These are biscuits called paksimadia portokaliou which we bought from a local bakery called Veremvetsos in Kampos.

They do not look much, but had very nice flavour from sasame, orange peel and anise seeds (or something of the sort). I enjoyed them very much and I wish I could find the same in Athens.

Here is the end of the 1st part, because I have got tired. The 2nd part continues soon. :)

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