09 August, 2014

Bowling Center Piraeus by Ladokolla @ Kastela

When I came to Greece for the first time, maybe around 15 years ago, one of the place I visited with the family of GH - then my boy friend - was that restaurant-bar at the top of Profitis Ilias hill in Piraeus.

It commanded a beautiful view of Athens and its coast and was very cool although it was in the middle of summer.

It was undoubtedly a nice place, but the price was absurdly high.

The Greeks in the period of economic crisis stopped paying their precious euro for the view and it was closed down some years ago.

Then this year Ladokolla - a restaurant group which runs several grill tavernas in and around Athens - took over the management and it reopened the place under the name of Bowling Center Piraeus by Ladokolla.

Good for them, because it was one of the best location in Piraeus and it was a shame to let it lie as it had been done recently.

This is the seating area. It has both indoor and outdoor space, and it is huge! Even though, the outdoor space filled up around the time we left and it was only a weekday (Tuesday, if I remember well).

As we had booked a table, we got a table just by the edge of terrace. It is recommended to do so, if you want to have a good table.

Many people were just having their drinks, but we went for a meal as I had bought a discount coupon.

The menu features various grilled meat as well as pizza and pasta. There are also salads, mezes, seafood and some oven cooked food (mageirefta). The prices are reasonable; not as cheap as the other Ladokolla restaurant, but at the same level as at normal tavernas.

Also coffees are reasonably priced; 3.50 Euro for a frappe or freddo cappuccino.

We ordered as follows.

This is something like feta souffle', mixed with bits of vegetables and chili. Nice, but too salty for my taste.

And BCP (Bowling Centre Piraeus) salad. Apart from lettuce, it includes pomegranate, cheese frakes, croutons and small pieces of dried fruits (apricot, maybe). Nice enough.

The main dishes were less satisfactory. Here is grilled chicken breast. The taste of the meat was fine, while the size of the meat is almost as same as that of 1 quarter of pita. Because of the abundant carbohydrate, it fills the stomach, but that was it.

This is chicken souvlaki. Again a lot of carbo, but the amount of meat looked slightly better here.

With a bottle of beer, the bill came to 35 Euro. The receipt did not come, either for the 15 Euro coupon or for the beer.

It is a nice place to be, but I do not think to be coming back for food.

Bowling Center Piraeus by Ladokolla
Profiti Ilia Hill (or Chanion and Ierou Lochou), Kastella, Piraeus 18533
Λόφος Προφήτη Ηλία (Χανίων & Ιερού Λόχου), Καστέλλα, Πειραιάς 18533
Tel. +30 210 4122336

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