03 August, 2014

Falafellas & Harvest @ Aiolou Street, Central Athens

This happened in July when we had just started our 2 week vacation. Just to understand that we did not have to go to work, we went to Athens instead around noon. There were not much people in Thiseio. It is refreshing to see something different from our usual.

We looked around shops if there was anything worth buying, as the sale period had just started, but we did not find any.

Then went to Falafellas in Aeolou Street for snacking. Actually it was my main objective to this trip to Athens. It is a small shop which sells falafel wraps and is so popular that there is always a queue. However, when we visited, it was a bit before 1 o'clock and the waiting time was really minimum. I ordered a big wrap for 3.50 Euro with extra fresh chili (without extra charge). There is also a smaller version for 2.50 Euro.

My falafel wrap in making. They put 3 or 4 falafels together with fried aubergines, tomato, lettuce, tahini and yogurt. Because falafels and aurbergines are deepfried, it is quite filling, even though it is vegetarian.

This is my big falafel wrap.


I shared this with GH and we both agreed it was quite good. The falafels happened not to be hot and it was a shame. But still, it was an interesting snack which is a bit different.

Aiolou 51, 10551, Athens, Greece
Αιόλου 51, 10551, Αθήνα
Tel. 210 323 9809

After that, we went to Harvest for a coffee. It is another shop which is so popular that we do not find space usually. But because it was still 1 o'clock, there were empty tables.

They serve food as well, but this time we settled only for coffee and ryzogalo (rice pudding). This is my cold flat white, i.e. cold milk and espresso. The taste of coffee was really good, similar to the one I had at TAF in Exarchia.

Ryzogalo was also good, but some of the grains were not enough cooked.

Flat white and Cappuccino freddo were both 3.20 Euro and Ryzogalo was 2.50 Euro, cheaper than at high-end cafe in central Athens.

Aiolou 64 (at the corner of Evripidou), 10559, Athens, Greece
Αιόλου 64 & Ευριπίδου, 10559, Αθήνα
Tel. 213 025 2284

Both of the shops were worth the renown and I am glad to have visited them. I would go again if they are not so crowded.

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