29 June, 2014

Flavour @ Nea Smyrni (Syggrou Av.)

On Saturdays, we usually go to grocery shopping, gym and my in-law's house and that is pretty much a full-day programme.

Yesterday, however, we broke the routine and did not go to the gym, because I caught cold and was not in shape. So, after the grocery shopping and planning the summer vacation (we are going to Samos in the later half of July), we went to eat pizza.

First we thought of going to Ciao Italia on Syggrou Avenue, but then found on Foursquare another restaurant called Flavour exactly at the same place. As we have been already to Ciao Italia in the past (for a coffee and cake), we decided to try the other one.

The name Flavour might not say anything to you, but if you have past Syggrou Avenue several times, probably you recognise this.

To be honest, I do not recall what shop used to be here (Starbucks maybe?), but it was closed down about at the same time as was Simply Burgers next door (which is now occupied by a high-end-but-not-expensive souvlaki restaurant called Masina). Evidently all there 3 restaurants share the same address, Leof. Syggrou 133. Flavour looks like a cafeteria and you might not have realised that it is actually a restaurant-cafeteria.

Here is the interior. There are some tables outside, but they are not attractive because of the traffic of Syggrou. Inside, although, is another world. Pretty spacious and pleasant (except that they allow smoking indoors).

We went there at a strange hour (at 5 or 6), so menus on the tables were for coffee and drinks. A waitress, however, asked us if we wanted a food menu and it was quickly supplied. The menu includes starters, salads, risotti, pizze, pasta, and main dishes (meats), so I would definite it as an Italian restaurant.

We ordered a pizza sticking to the first intention, but then GH got problemataized in ordering only 1 dish and he added a salad.

The first to arrive was bread. I really do not need bread to eat pizza, but we were not given a choice. If you do not want it, maybe you can tell waiters when you order. The bread itself, however, was pretty good. It was all served warm and accompanied by cream cheese based dip (that you can see on the right edge of the photo).

It costs 80 cents p.p., but if you want bread, it has a good value for money.

To my surprise, they brought an amuse-bouche as well. It is a vegetable soup in a small glass cup.

From the taste point of view it was nothing special, but was pleasant.

This is spinach salad with grilled manouri cheese. A good salad, with difference.

The pizza we ordered was with cheese, ham and rocket (I think it was named prociutto).

Unfortunately it was not so good. The dough was tough without being crispy and the cheese was a wrong kind to be used for pizza, too salty and gooey. It could have been better with a bit of more effort.

And again to our surprise, they offered a free dessert.

It was a lemon cream with lime zest packed in a small glass jar together with biscuit crumbs and caramel sauce.

GH ordered also a cold expresso, which came with pieces of cake.

The total bill, including a small bottle of diet coke, came to 22.90 Euro. Without coffee, it was just under 20 Euro, which I think is a quite good value for money. Besides, the place is really pleasant and the waiters/waitresses quite professional.

We did not like the pizza, but we are willing to try something else at the next time.

Leoforos A. Syggrou 133,
Nea Smyrni, 117 45, Athens
Λεωφόρος Συγγρού 133, Νέα Σμύρνη, 11745 Αθήνα
Tel. 210 9310935

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