13 July, 2013

+ουσία @ Terpsithea, Piraeus

(For some time, Blogspot did not allow me to post large photos, but now I am happy to see that they fixed it).

I found a discount voucher of this restaurant on the web. As I have been curious about this place for years, probably since I read this review by Diane Kochilas, I thought it was a good occasion.

The restaurant has an indoor space and al fresco space facing to the garden. It is a very pleasant in a cool evening.

The food here is under Cretan influence, but many says that it was not really Cretan. You can find their menu on their website.

This is a red pepper dip with rusk, part of the cover.

Pandesia salad, with lettuce, rocket, green apple, and walnuts. Not bad. 5.80 Euro.

Dolamdes were obviously handmade, but also quite obviously not fresh. They were served very hot. I suspect the use of microwave to reheat. 4.20 Euro.

Jacket potato (patata ofti) was the best dish of the day. It was very buttery and sweet. 3.40 Euro.

Xylopites (handmade pasta) with Greek sausage and pepper, 7 Euro. Very greasy and the pasta was strangely tough.

Gamopilafo's rice was too soft, evidently because it was cooked long time ago. In taste wise it was not bad, but I do not believe it was worth 9.50 Euro.

At the end they offered us some pieces of watermelon and melon for free.

Besides, we had a bottle of beer.

We had a discount because of the voucher (13 Euro reduction), but without it, it would have been about 35 Euro. Not expensive, but not cheap, especially when you consider the quality of the food. They did not give us a fiscal receipt (the above is just an order register).

It is not necessarily a bad place, but I do not feel the necessity to try it again.

By the way, I asked a waiter how should I read "+ουσία". He said it is "synousia", but hurriedly added also it does not mean what it means. I did not know that till then, but in Greek, it means "intercourse".

+ousia - +ουσία
Palaiologou 5, Plateia Terpsitheas, Piraeus
Παλαιολόγου 5, Πλ. Τερψιθέας, Πειραιάς
Tel. 210 4222005

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