20 July, 2013

Melouk @ Halandri

Did I tell you we have been to Melouk?

First I found it on Foursquare (incredible rich - though not always credible as all other websites - source of information regarding restaurants, cafeterias and food in general) and then kept on seeing it on the web. As I had to go to our Embassy in Halandri, I thought it was a good chance to see what it is like.

Here it is (I am not sure what is Poco Loco, but the photo is right one).

It is quite small, much smaller than I had been imagining. And at around 13 o'clock in the Saturday afternoon, there were only some people. Seeing the type of the shop, I guess it to be busier from later afternoon to the night.

Yes. In the night. Because it is a cafeteria as well as a cocktail bar that serves... what else? Loukoumades. The name of the place came from Cafe ME LOUKoumades.

There is a variety of loukoumades, sweet and savoury. We ordered a plate of loukoumades with ksinomizithra with honey from savoury section, which was pretty good. 4 Euro.

And to our delight, we found also a nice soft drink, which is fresh lemonade served in a 500ml jug. 3 Euro.

We enjoyed the visit fine. Although it might not be worth a second trip from Piraeus, when in the area, we would love to revisit.

Melouk - Μελούκ
Kolokotroni 5, Halandri
Tel. 210 6824600
Κολοκοτρώνη 5, 152 33, Χαλάνδρι

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