27 July, 2013

Litsa Fish Taverna @ Daskaleio

When 3 of us went to Daskaleio Beach in south east Attica, we stopped at a fish taverna called Litsa, which is very famous to those who like seafood.

From the road side, it looks like a shabby house.

At the gate, there is this timetable. Be aware that it is closed for Sunday dinner. We saw so many people turned down. Who would expect a fish restaurant closes in the Sunday evening in summer?

This is how it looks in the inside. There are not many tables and the indoor space does not say much.

Menu is not very long, and I don't think they had all the fishes, so most of the tables are ordering the same things.

The first thing that came up to my mind was: "Wow! That's expensive". Comparing to the fish tavernas in Piraeus - where the price decreased much recently - everything was 20 to 30% higher. Then I thought. "But you will never know. Maybe they serve big portion".

And no. Not really. The dishes were all small. Even bread wasn't enough for 3 people.

Almyra is 6.50 Euro, Mussels in ouzo was 7.50 Euro and fried squid (thrapsalo) 9 Euro. They were all tasty. But isn't it too expensive for a casual fish taverna?

The fried potatoes cost 4 Euro and saganaki with 7 small shrimps cost 11 Euro.

Are you sure? Yes, I am.

The service also left us a bad impression. When we finished most of the dishes, they had not yet brought maridakia (fried small fish), so we told them to cancel the order, because we did not want to eat fried fish just drinking water. Even though the fish was not yet ready, the manager guy looked unhappy and reluctantly removed it from the bill. We did not receive any word of apology.

OK. The food was good, but not that good that I cannot find anywhere else. At this moment, we don't think going back to Daskaleio for a while (please see my previous post regarding the quantity of vinyl pieces in the sea), but even we go back, we'd rather try other fish tavernas or just go to Kalyvia for meat.

Litsa - Λίτσα
Daskaleio Kerateas
Tel. 22990 28157
(It does not have exact address. If you are coming from Keratea, go down to left).

We left Daskaleio with bitterness, but we made also a very pleasant discovery in Glyfada. This is not the coastal Glyfada we usually go but inland where there is no view. Even though, it well worth a trip.

It is a pastry shop called Malebi by pastry chef Dimitris Lemontzoglou.

Its specialty is Constantinopolitan style sweets but there all the other sweet goodness, like cheese cake, chocolate cake, ice cream. We did not try, but they offer also savory sandwiches and snacks (pilaf and manti).

We ordered an oven-baked rizogalo (rice pudding). It cost 4 Euro, but in large portion.

This surely was the best rice pudding I have eaten in my life. We took out chocolate cake and cream with amarena and cookies. They were all delicious and beatiful.

The service at the cafeteria was also competent. We are surely going back.

Malebi - Muhallebi & Cafe
Gounari 172, Glyfada
Tel. 216 7001922

Γούναρι 172, Γλυφάδα

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