13 March, 2013

Fish Tavern Thalassa @ Elefsina

One warm Sunday in February, we made a short trip to Elefsina (Eleusis).

Of course it is the ancient cult centre of Eleusinian mystery and there is a splendid archaeological site with museum (photos in Gate to Greece), while the modern Elefsina town is an industrial & small port town.

After a walk along the port, we stopped at a fish restaurant called Thalassa.

It is close to the sea, but there is not view to it. The outdoor tables are pleasant enough, though.

As all the fish restaurant in Greece, there was a selection of large fish sold by weight, but we did not take it and chose from the menu.

Grilled bread & tzatziki.

Nothing particular. Just fine.

Lettuce and cabbage salad was a bit odd. A half the bowl was chopped lettuce and dill, and the other bowl was sliced and marinated cabbage.

And here are main courses. Fried calamari.

I was disappointed when I saw them, because the squids are small and thin, but on tasting them, my disappointment turned out to be unfounded. They were very sweet and soft.

The second main course was grilled sardines.

Again pretty good. Edible to the bones.

The only problem was fried potatoes.

Regardless of their anaemic colour, they tasted good albeit quite oily. The problem was that they turned up only when we finished half of the main course. They were close to become our dessert! Although there were several waiters and the restaurant WASN'T full, either they or maybe the kitchen, or both were not coping well.

The total of above all was 25 Euro only. Very good value for money for the quality of food. We would love to come back, especially when there isn't much people.

Thalassa- Θάλασσα
Kanelopoulou 9, Elefsina
Κανελοπούλου 9, Ελευσίνα
Tel. 210 554 6585


Clare said...

We liked this fish taverna too. The prawns saganaki were particularly good!

mesogeia said...

Hi Clare,
OK. Next time, it will be garides saganaki! :)