23 February, 2013

Rakadikon @ Palaio Faliro

One Sunday afternoon in early February, we found ourselves in Palaio Faliro & decided to eat on the way home. I did not have particular idea, so we went to Zisimopoulou Street where I knew that there were some tavernas.

After a walk, we decided on Rakadikon which I thought was a Cretan taverna.

The interior space is pretty large. The decor is trendy "bahariko (grocery shop)" style. It was not full, but busy with about 10 tables occupied by small and large groups.

Because of its name, we thought it was a Cretan taverna, but on the meny there were only 5 or 6 Cretan dishes in Cretan taste section. So, except for the black uniform of the waiters, there is not much Crete about this place.

Wine and bread. Half kilo of wine cost 6 Euro.

The salads I thought were expensive. This Salata tou Raka cost 8.50 Euro. It was large, but 8.50 Euro for a bowl of raw vegetable is not convincing.

Melitzana horiatiki (Country style Aubergine?) were overly sweet. Is not worth 6 Euro.

Dolmadakia with mint yoghurt sauce, 6.50 Euro. Too oily.

I don't remember about the fried potatoes (3.50 Euro). This means that they were OK. Otherwise I would have remembered.

Yaourtlou Kebab (9. Euro) was the only plate I thought was above average. Meaty, juicy and generous in portion.

No free raki or sweets (which Cretan tavernas usually usually do), and the bill came to 41.50 Euro. Not expensive, but not having liked the food, I found the value poor.

The food being so average, I don't think I shall come back willingly.

Rakadikon - Ρακάδικον
Zisimopoulou 79, Palaio Faliro
Ζησιμοπούλου 79, Π. Φάληρο
Athens, Greece
Tel. 210 9419686


Waling along Zisimopoulou, we found this new Lebanese restaurant, at the spot formally occupied by Aladdin (which, as far as I know, had moved to Amphitheas Street). It was called Maroush.

I went near it to see what it offered, in vain. How stupid a new restaurant could be not holding its menu outside? It was not surprising that it had only 1 or 2 tables occupied even in sunny Sunday afternoon.

[P.S.: I found Maroush closed down in October 2013 (20 Oct. 2013)] 

That is the third (at least) of the Lebanese to open in souther suburb, after Livanesiko and Souk in Glyfada. Is Lebanese food in fashion lately and I do not know?

Here is the website which is under construction at the moment of writing.

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