16 March, 2013

Club Sandwich @ Salty-NAS, Mikrolimano

After several months since the last time, we went to Mikrolimano. As you can imagine, some of the restaurants had been closed down.

I wrote this post as an update as well as a reminder for myself.

Walking one of the back streets, we stumbled on a Mikrolimano branch of Tirbouson [sic] called Tirbouson Mini. Evidently it is open only Friday and Saturday evenings.

And I found Papaioannou in the usual location. I heard some time ago that it was about to move to the premises on Akti Koumondourou (i.e. along the seaside walk) used to be occupied by Plous Podilatou. In fact, Plous Podilatou was completely gone (not even its sign board), but it was still empty. Anyway, Papaioannou was the only fish restaurant in Mikrolimano which looked full on the day in Mirolimano; all the others were half empty, even though the meat restaurants were doing pretty well.

Haagen Dazs had been gone for a while and not the premises are occupied by a cafeteria/bar, whose name I did not bother to remember.

Also Lalloudes restaurant was gone. Cocoon was closed (I am not totally sure if it was gone or open only in the evening). And another new restaurant was closed (I think it was a successor of Il Mercatino or something). Artisti Macaroni premises are still empty.

We then stopped at N.A.S. for a sandwich and coffees. Now the N.A.S. restaurant has another name "Salty". I do not know if there was any substantial change that came with the new name, as I have never been to the old N.A.S.

The best thing about this place is the view. If you get a good table, you can see all the coastline of Mikrolimano.

From the other side, you get the view of Apollo Coast which is equally nice.

So, if you reserve a table here for food, you should request to keep one near the window.

This place operates as restaurant-bar-cafeteria. You can order fish, meat, pasta, coffee, cocktails, anything.

We were there for a snack and ordered a club sandwich and coffees.

Club sandwich (7 Euro) was of pretty average cafeteria-quality.

I think one of the preserved meat (ham, bacon, I don't know) they used was stale and had unpleasant sour smell and the oil used to fry the potatoes was stale.

That would have been OK if it was eaten at a cafeteria, but from kitchen of a restaurant, it should be better.

Coffees were not expensive. Freddo cappuccino for 4 and Frappe for 3.50. However, 4 Euro for a coca cola is not easy to forgive.

Our waitress was very polite and smiley. She got 2 Euro for that.

Before leaving, I took a look at the restaurant menu. Everything looked quite expensive. I do not remember any main dish under 10 Euro. I would expect to pay at least 20-25 Euro p.p. for a starter and a main with cover charge.

N.A.S. - Salty
Akti Koumoundourou 1,
Piraeus 185 33, Greece

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