20 February, 2013

Tuesday in Athens also in 2013

Without any ado, Βγαίνουμε Αθήνα started again.

The above poster says it started on 12 Feb., but it looks that it started today the 19th Friday.

Official Webpage

And it continues at least until 28th May. If it goes well, it might go further.

The rule is basically the same as the previous season. 10 Euro menu and 12 Euro bottle of wine at restaurants, and 2 Euro coffee and 5 Euro drinks at bars and cafeterias. Some restaurants do not bring you 10 Euro menu (especially if you look like tourists) and in that case, you need to request it explicitly.

Here is the list of the participating bars and restaurants.

At the moment of writing there are 63 participants, but the list most likely increase, so keep on checking.

Try it out!

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