15 November, 2012

Kazakh Restaurant Eugenios @ Kallithea

Having heard about various Russian restaurants in Kallithea, I have always been curious, but I have never visited any, because, basically, I do not like much Russian food.

But, when I heard that there is one Russian-Kazakh restaurant, I decided I could try it.

It is called Eugenios and situated in Kallithea, between Thiseos and Sygrou Streets.

It was a Sunday afternoon, which is usually busy hours for restaurants, so I called 1 hour ahead to know if there was a table at 3:30. The owner told me that there was not need to book, because there should not be much people. Better.

The decor is minimalistic.

Except for this Kazakhstan shrine.

In the restaurant there was a couple who should be the owners and the woman helped us to choose the dishes. There is not strange stuff like horse meat which seems to be a popular meat in Kazakhstan and there are more familiar Russian dishes like pelmeni (maybe it was not exactly in this name, but its variety).

GB ordered a "local" beer which turned out to be Ukrainian.

Russian Salad (5 Euro). It is with green peas, potatoes, gherkin pickles, boiled eggs, ham/sausage and carrots, as far as I remember.

Very generous portion and we did not manage to eat it all.

We ordered also a pita because we were told we needed one. It tasted like something between bread and pita.

This is beef (veal) in terracotta pot. We laughed because we ate something very similar in Pelion last summer. Pelion and Kazakhstan. Ha ha ha ha ha.

In the pot, there were potatoes, preurotous mushroom, sliced meat and cheese on top. The soup smelled sheep, maybe because there was sheep fat it it. Nice.

Manti (6 Euro) came in a very generous portion and were served with soy sauce, white vinegar and chili paste (adzika?).

The filling was mixture of minced meat, cabbage and possibly onion. We liked these very much.

The last to come were shashlik - souvlaki. On the menu there were chicken, pork and lamb and we could choose whichever combination we wanted. We ordered 1 chicken (2.50 Euro) and 1 lamb (3 Euro).

They were sprinkled generously with vinegar. Both very nice, but I liked better lamb.

Here our stomachs reached their capacity and gave up. The total bill was 25.50 Euro. Excellent value for money. I am not sure how typically Kazakh the food was (I think the owners were from there, but the "Russians" in Athens are often of Greek origins), but surely we will come back.

Open everyday except Monday, from 1 o'clock onward.

Andromachis 267, Kallithea
Tel. 210 9410001

Ανδρομάχης 267, Καλλιθέα,
17674, Αττική

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