21 November, 2012

Burger Times @ Glyfada

I am not a burger-lover, but GH sometimes wants to eat burgers and I need to accompany him. It was one such Sunday afternoon.

I searched around the web and found this burger shop enjoys quite a good reputation.

Burger Times. It is on Konstaninopoleos Street, i.e. in Biftekoupoli. As the burger patty is basically a bifteki, we can say that it is situated in the right place.

When we arrived in the Sunday afternoon, at around 3:30, there was no customer inside. There were three people in the shop, a young man at the bar counter, an older man who was the cook and probably the father of the young man, and a woman who I thought was the wife of the cook (she is in the photo above). So, basically, it is a family run burger shop (ikogeniako burgeradiko).

The menu is rather long for such a burger shop. Apart from the burgers, there are various starters (nachos, buffalo wings, etc), salads, wraps, hot dogs, and desserts. There was also a not-bad selection of beers.

For burgers, you can choose the patty size from 100, 200 or 285 g, and you can even order it without side. It was written that the beef was Angus, whatever it means (I know that Angus is the name of the cattle, but to be honest, I do not know what is the difference from the other beef in taste-wise).

GH ordered a 500ml Vergina Weiss beer, which was reasonably priced at 4 Euro. I ordered a bottle of coke (250ml, 2 Euro).

And burgers. They arrived suspiciously quickly. Here is 200g Old Western Burger for 8.50 Euro, with the side of salad and country potatoes.

Here is my Chili Burger for 8.50 Euro, with the side of salads.

I ordered the patty to be medium-rare, but it was cooked below rare. The centre was still cold. Being afraid of food poisoning, I sent it back to the kitchen.

The Old Western Burger that GH ordered "well-done" also was undercooked to "medium", to say the least.. The centre was still red, not even pink.

No wonder that the burgers appeared so quickly.

A guy seated behind me also sent his burger back to the kitchen, as it was not "well-done" as he liked.

I am not sure what to think. Was the cook not in the right mood, or the kitchen grill was not functioning properly? In Greece, the default way of grilling meat is "well-done", so under-cooking burgers is really strange, especially when the restaurant is not busy.

After the meal, we were offered "mosaiko" or "kormos", which were pretty good.

I am not sure if they always offer the dessert, or only to the unhappy customers.

The total bill came to 23 Euro, which is not bad, as far as the food is cooked correctly.

A sympathetic burger shop, but I would not rush to return.

Burger Times
Konstantinopoleos 14
Tel. 210-8920959

Kωνσταντινουπόλεως 14

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