23 November, 2012

Eating for 10 Euro @ Polly Maggoo

On 20th November (Tue.), GH and I went to try 10 Euro menu of Vgainoume Athina (Βγαίνουμε Αθήνα, rough translation should be "We go out to Athens") project this time at Polly Maggoo, near Athiri where we had gone last week. It is one of the few French(-oriented) restaurants in Athens.

It was rainy day. There was generally little people on the street and likewise there were few at the restaurant; less than a half of the tables were occupied at the point we left at 9:30.

The menu on offer on the day was:

Bread and humous (obligatory 1 Euro charge for 2)
1st course - Potato and leek potage
2nd course - A slip of braised pork belly on creamed potato
               (alternatively, vegetable risotto)
3rd course - Chocolate mousse

We were asked if we wanted to add salad  (7 Euro) from their a la carte menu. Of course, I said no, because my purpose was to see what a restaurant can offer for 10 Euro p.p.. If I added something else, it surely should have influenced my opinion. So, no.

We were asked if we wanted bottled water or tap water, but without listening to our answer, the waiter (who should be the owner or manager) opened a cap of bottled water. Again, I refused it (because I was intending to order wine, so did not want to pay also for water which I did not know if I was to drink it or not). I managed to refuse the water, but to the other tables he just brought bottled water without asking if they wanted or not. Maybe because he learned from the mistake.

We ordered 2 glasses of red wine. There was only one variety and a glass cost 5 Euro. 1 Euro more than at Athiri. However, abiding by Vgainoume Athina project, there was also a bottled wine for 12 Euro.

The food was tasty (except for the dessert, but don't trust me, for I do not like chocolate mousse in general), but the portion was small. If you are a normal eater by Greek standard, you would need another dish (possibly to share between 2) to eat enough, or to drink a lot of wine.

And you cannot help but notice the repetition of potato in the first and the second dish. Not well thought out, or were they just thinking about using cheap ingredients?

The final bill was 31 Euro. It was interesting, but not impressive.

There is a big difference of philosophy between Polly Maggoo and Athiri. Athiri was trying to organize a hearty menu without making the guests spend more than 10 Euro in food, while Polly Maggoo was looking to a menu which is minimum if tasty AND can make some extra cash if possible. I liked the foord at Polly Maggoo, but did not feel sympathy that I felt for Athiri.

I checked also their a la carte menu. Starters are mostly 9 Euro, salads for 7 and the main dishes either 12 or 14 Euro, even though there was not particularly expensive material. You are paying 12 Euro for pasta and risotto, 14 Euro for veal liver or for salmon. Desserts were not on the menu, so I did not learn how much they cost. So one should spend 23 Euro for 2 course and 28 Euro adding a glass of wine. Paying also for bread, bottled water that they bring it to your table and a few Euro of tip, it is difficult to get away without spending 30 Euro per person, if you eat normally.

Rather expensive, especially when you consider it is situated in Metaxiourgio and it does not have beautiful space like Athiri does. The décor reminded me of Hell's Kitchen which used to be near Omonia, if anyone remembers it.

To be able to enjoy food at Polly Maggoo, I think I need to have some extra money that I would like to spend away.

Polly Maggoo
Leonidou 80 and Salaminos, Metaxiourgio, Athens
Λεωνίδου 80 και Σαλαμίνος, Μεταξουργείο, Αθήνα
Tel. 210 5241120

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