12 April, 2012

Ta Delfinia @ Antikyra

The weather is getting better and better. So we made the first overnight trip this year.

Our first stop was at Antikyra. It is a small seaside town south of Distomo. I guess it is busy in summer, but it was still quiet when we visited.

Antikyra town itself is developed around a small port. According to a local, there is also a beach across the port.

We had a lunch here. There are about 4 fish restaurants along the seaside walk and we walked into the one looked most busy which called Ta Delfinia (The Dolphins). This is the view from our table.

Typical psarotaverna, nothing fancy on the menu. Here is bread and white wine.

Starters were tyrokafteri (cheese and green chili dip) and horta (boiled green leaves). Both good.

We would have ordered fried calamari usually, but it was rather expensive. So we went for other staff. The 1st main dish was grilled sardines. I think it was 6 or 6.50 Euro.

The guts were not cleaned and for this reason the fish had some bitterness. Not bad, just average. I don't think the fish was particularly fresh (or particularly well preserved).

Salted cod with garlic sauce was excellent instead.

Batter was crunchy and not oily, while the fish meat was firm and flaky.

The garlic sauce had too much bread to my taste, but again it was all right.

We, or rather Greek Husband, ordered also a portion of fried potatoes.

I don't remember how much was the bill. Should have been around 30 Euros. At the end they gave us semolina halvas with almond grits on house. At this point, we were incredibly full and I did not manage to eat all.

Not a destination restaurant, but once we are in Antikyra, we eat here with pleasure.

Ta Delfinia
Poseidonos 96, Antikyra
Tel. 22670 41489

Τα Δελφίνια
Ποσειδώνος 96, Αντίκυρα

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