18 April, 2012

Karathanasi @ Arachova

Trip to Galaxidi, the Day 2.

We had breakfast at the hotel and returned toward Galaxidi, first to see the church of the Metamorphosis on the hill (outside Galaxidi) and to the centre. Afterwards we moved to Delphi to visit the archaeological site & museum where there was quite a lot of Greek & international students on school trip.

As it was still winter, the site/museum closed at 3 o'clock. Then we proceed to Arachova for lunch. Arachova village is a very touristy place and not easy to find an attractive place to eat. We just ended up in here, as it looked less touristy: Karathanasi.

The lower floor does not say much, but the upper floor has a rustic and cosy feel.

And has a view to the main street and Parnassos mountains.

The starter was lettuce, rocket and Parmiggiano salad.

The leaves were fresh, but the portion was mediocre and there was more lettuce than rocket. Bit shabby.

Another starter, hortopita (green veggie pie) was very much home-cooking style.

It had a nice bitterness from spinach and fragrance of dill. Maybe not of restaurant quality, but OK.

Fresh fried potatoes.

Quite oily, but the type of potato was suitable for frying and tasted good.

As the main dish, we ordered Arachova style lamb leg. "Arachova style" came from the white stuff on top: small piece of formaella cheese. Otherwise it was lamb fricasse (meat stewed with green vegetables).


The meat was good, but we felt somehow caught in tourist trap.

We had also a bottle of coke and some grilled bread. We were offered free piece of semolina halvas (we turned it down with thanks). The bill came to 26 Euro.

All in all, Karathanasis was all right in this tourist town.

Main Road, Arachova
(on the right side, when you walk toward Athens)

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