14 April, 2012

Bebelis Again @ Galaxeidi

After Antikyra, we arrived at Galaxidi at around 5 o'clock. We checked in at the Hotel "Porto Lourbas", located a few kilometres outside the town.

Because of the late lunch at Ta Delfinia, we did not feel hungry at all even at 10 in the evening. However, I insisted that we would regret if we do not eat at Galaxeidi and convinced Husband to go out for dinner.

After having walked around and around we eventually decided to return to the mezedopoleio Bebelis where we visited in late 2010 and had a very good impression.

When we arrived there at 11 o'clock, about a half of the tables were occupied.

Last time, we were offered the choice of 3 wines, but this time only two, either red or white. Hubby kept a quater litre of red wine, which he liked very much. Together with the bread, they offered also olives and olive paste.

And a little later, the man seemed to be one of the owners came and offered these very small olives. He said that these were home made salt pickled olives. Bitter, but at the same time kept interesting fruitiness.

As salad, we ordered a sort of Dakos (but it had a different name which I do not remember exactly).

I do not usually like Dakos, because it is dry, hard and too filling. However, this one was adequately soggy from the juice from chopped sweet tomatoes. We liked it very much.

And grilled aubergines.

Although the aubergine was grilled, it absorbed quite a lot of olive oil and tasted almost like fried aubergine. It was served with chopped tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese.

As the main dish, we ordered grilled squids. To tell the truth, I was not very sure of the choice, as these humble squids cost more than grilled king prawns (in Greece, usually prawns cost more than squids on menu).

When the dish arrived, however, we were very happy with our choice. The squids were juicy, sweet and not least a bit smelly.

At the end we were offered this "halvas sto fourno", as the last time.

At this point my stomach was about to explode (remember that I was not hungry even from the beginning), but Husband, likewise full, could not refrain from finishing it, as he liked it so much.

The final bill again was around 30 Euro and the receipt was given without a request.

We were very impressed how they cook the simple dishes in such an exquisite manner. It is not often I find such a good kitchen. To me this surely is a destination restaurant; I would go back to Galaxeidi to eat here.

Mezedopolio "O Bebelis"
Μεζεδοπωλείο Ο Μπεμπέλης
Tel. 22650 41677

This is how it looked from outside (it was closed because it was shot in the morning).


At this moment, I am in Japan and am not celebrating Greek Easter this year. However, I wish you Kalo Pascha and Kalh Anastash!

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