06 March, 2011

Ouzou Melathron @ Monastiraki

[UPDATE 17 Nov. 2012] The place closed for the summer 2012 promising to come back in autumn, but has never reopened at least until now.

Last Friday evening, after work, we stopped at Ouzou Melathron in Monastiraki for dinner.

We intended to visit it for quite a long time, having heard positive opinions from friends & relatives.

Probably many of you already know that Ouzou Melathron is a hugely successful restaurant in Thessaloniki and the Monastiraki branch is its first outlet in Athens.

For a Friday evening, it wasn't so busy, about 1/3 of the tables being occupied. What impressed us from the first moment was that there were many foreigners of European or American origins. I am not sure if it is usual for a place in Monastiraki (but it is in a somehow hidden back street) or because it is recommended in foreign guidebooks.

The menu is very long, full of unheard-of dishes. Many seemed original creations of Ouzou Melathron. Considering that the Greek people are very conservative in food, it is very courageous of them and it is admireable to have succeeded.

As I was not very hungry (had a muffin and cappuccino just before), I picked only a salad and let Hubby choose whatever he liked.

From the left, half a kilo of half-sweet wine (it was the only red house wine), four colour salad, bread basket and tzatziki.

Four colour salad was, as you can imagine, made of shredded cabbage, red cabbage, carrot and lettuce. It was fine. Bread basket contained white bread and whole wheat bread. Tzatziki was thick and plenty: good.

This is grilled potatoes.

I thought that the potatoes were first boiled and then grilled. They were served with fatty pancetta. Anyhow, it was less oily than fried potatoes.

The main dish, Pilino Melathron, was served considerabily after all the other dishes.

It was a pork kokkinisto oven-baked in earthen ware with cheese. To me it was too heavy and salty, but objectively speaking, it was a strong dish with strong flavour.

After the meal, they offered a chocolate crepe on the house.

The people around our table seemed hugely enjoying this dessert, but we found it too heavy after a hearty meal. Probably it was a problem of our stomach.

The total bill came to just a bit under 30 Euros, which we thought good value for money, if not particularly cheap.

It is a fun place where you would like to visit especially when you want something new and different.

Ag. Filippou 10, Astingos
Monastiraki, Athens
Tel. 210-324 1716

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