18 December, 2010

Zachos @ Varkiza

It was a difficult week for me (and probably for most of the Athenians).

The public transport was paralized for about 3 days and the commuters were constrained to use private car. Obviously the roads were heavily congested and many people spent twice much time than usual to get to work place and to go home.

It was even more painful, as the gas price went up again by 7 or 8%. 1 litre of gas costs 1.50 - 1.60 Euros, sometimes even close to 1.70. I see that the Greek government needs money, but by increasing so much fuel, I am afraid it decreases people's will to travel and to spend, and consequently less tax income for the government. It is a vicious circle, as the Government needs to increase the tax even more. As many economists and many people with common sense point out, this circle should be cut open at some point to get out, but the Goverment seems not to know what to do.

Besides, my colleagues were on holiday and I had to do 3 people's work by myself. It will get better, as they will return on Monday, but the strikes continue. I heard that the public transport stops Monday and Tuesday. sigh...

Two Sundays ago, we went to Varkiza.

We have past here so many times, but have never actually stopped.

It was Sunday but a fisherman was selling live fish at the fish market. How nice to live somewhere you can buy live fish every morning.

But we went to eat meat. Because this souvlaki place was full of people and looked welcoming.

Usually souvlazidika are full of young people and families, but this particular one was populated by elder generation.

Tyrokafteri, Lachanokaroto (cabbage and carrott) salad, and fried potatoes with cheese as starters.

As main we had one portion (merida) of pork souvlaki and one kebab in pita.

Meat was soft and tasty enough.

With a bottle of coke, the bill came to slightly above 20 Euros.

Maybe not anything excellent, but it is a good souvlaki/grill restaurant, in our opinion.

ZAXOS (Zachos)
Τηλ: 210 8975652 & 210 9656879

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