05 December, 2010

If you want to get VAT refund...

I have of some cases of foreign tourists who shopped in Ermou avenue and were refused VAT refund forms. They could not get the refund.

I am not sure how many tourists read this Blog, but I want to warn anyway.

So, what happened?

These tourists were falsely convinced by the shop sellers that the VAT refund forms were available only at the airport and they should bring the normal receipts to the VAT refund counter to be issed refund form.

This is FALSE.

The VAT refund form can be issed only by the shops where you buy the goods and at the moment you arrive at the airport it is too late and there isn't anything you can do.

Now, the VAT level of Greece is 23% and the refund makes a big difference.

As the tourists do not have do not have responsibility in the current Greek economic crisis, they are fully entitled to refund.

If you are visiting Greece or you are working in tourism industry in Greece as I do, please be warned.


Valera said...

I am curious if tourists are entitled to get the VAT back on services like hotels and car rentals. I get conflicting info on that. Some say individual tourists can't get get VAT back on services and only companies/corporations can. I wonder if you know. Thanks! Valera

mesogeia said...

Hello, Valera. As far as I know, no. The goods and services that tha tourists consume in Greece are not VAT refundable.