06 November, 2010

Yuzo @ Glyfada

One day, walking around Glyfada, we found this Japanese restaurant called Yuzo.

It is a very small shop specialised in sushi. It had very good reviews on Tripadvisor and food4you, though they are a couple of years old, I thought it was worth a try.

It was wrong. :D

Yesterday, we went back to the restaurant. Walking inside, we saw a young Greek waitress, an East-Asian cook (who turned out to be Chinese) and an owner who should be of Middle Eastern origin (his name being Karim).

On the table there were two menus, one normal one with hard cover and another one looked like take-away menu, so I ordered from the hard cover menu.

Here are a California roll, salmon roll and cucumber roll.

They arrived already deformed as the chef did not roll well. It is a bad sign as it means that he wasn't trained as sushi chef.

Then the rice was too wet and there was too much sugar and vinegar. Poor quality.

Ebi Fry (deep-fried king prawns in Panko crust) again were not what we eat in Japan.

And they came with Chinese sweet-chili dipping sauce.

But, until this point, things were not outside my expectation. It is difficult to find good or even average Japanese food in Greece.

The surprise came with the bill. It was 40 Euros and 3 of the 4 items we ordered were charged more than the prices indicated in the menu. As the result the bill was 6 Euros more than the total based on the menu prices.

So I called a waitress over for an explanation.

She said that the hard cover menu I saw was actually their old menu and the prices had gone up sice, showing us the paper menu.

However, 1 item was still more than 1 Euro more than is written on the 'new' menu and I did not understand her logic that we had to pay according to the 'new' menu while they had given me the old menu. I asked the waitress to call the owner and she looked quite relieved at my request.

The owner repeated the same explanation blaming the rise of prices on the rise of VAT (Value Added Tax) which went up from 8% to 9% and then to 11%.

But again I pointed out that the rise of price was about 10%-20%, while the VAT rise was 3%.

(Another thing he said was that the Ebi fly dish used to be 7 Euros because there were only 2 pieces and now it is 10 Euros because there are 3 pieces; but how could I know and verify this?)

The owner at this point was rather upset and said that he would waive the bill all together. It was, of course, only a gesture and in the end he took 35 Euros instead of 40 Euros he had demanded.

And he did not give us the receipt. He blames the tax rise, but I am not sure if he really pays the due amount of tax.

What I don't get is why the people who visit this place do not complain about this fraud (I don't call this a mistake because the owner was fully aware that the menu prices are lower than what he actually charges). The residents of Glyfada are so rich that don't barely notice it?

Who knows.

Tel: 210-8983675-6

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