18 November, 2010

Rio-Andirrio Ferry Trip

Since 2004, the year of Athens Olympic Games, the Streit of Rio-Andirrio can be crossed through bridge.

However, it is still possible to cross it by ferry, just as in the past.

During a recent weekend trip, we used a ferry to cross the streit, after visiting the Fortress of Rio, also known as the Castle of the Morea.

The ferry is more for vehicles than for humans. We paid 6.50 Euros, about the half of the bridge toll.

The trip lasted about quarter of an hour, but summing up the time to load the cars and the time to get off from the boat, it took like three quarters of an hour.

Rio-Andirrio Bridge is a beauty, but the ferry trip is also pleasant, if you are not in a hurry and the weather is good.

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