20 November, 2010

Garidomakaronada @ Amphilochia

On the way to Arta, we stopped at Amphilochia for a late lunch.

As the town is on the Ambrachian Gulf, our choice was necessarily focused on fish restaurants. Not knowing any place, we just entered in a restaurant which had more people inside (to be honest, it wasn't so much people, as it was really late lunch even by Greek standard).

We ordered 4 dishes. First to arrive were, as always, cold plates: horta and melizanosalata.

Both rather average. Not bad though.

(Unfortunately) the highlight of the meal was fried potatoes.

Freshly cooked and the potatoes had potato-taste.

The main dish was King Prawn Spaghetti (Garidomakaronada).

Usually, garidomakaronada comes in two portions, but this one was rather meagre for two. The spaghetti was plainly over-cooked (cooked twice, I guess). The most unforgettable thing was that the prawns were old and not cleaned of guts so that they were smelly and contained sand. Even in Greece, I don't see often such a badly cooked dish. 18 Euros was clearly overpricing

The service was very good and the service staff (I think they were owners) was genuinely nice, but I won't go back.

60 Adr. Stratou Street
Tel. +30 26420 22213

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