01 May, 2015

Thalassa Aigaleo City @ Aigaleo

We visited a seafood taverna called Thalassa (meaning "sea" in Greek) in Aigaleo - if you are not familiar with the geography of Athens, Aigaleo is inland, far from the sea -, after having read many positive reviews and found a discount coupon on Internet. And because it was near Aigaleo metro station and is close to a sports wear shop we wanted to go.

We booked a table and after a shopping at the shop, we headed for the restaurant.

It is in a much frequented area of Aigaleo, but not on any major street.

The place is neither small nor large. There is no outdoor table, but I guess they remove the glass wall on the front in the summer.

The menu is typical of Greek fish restaurants, nothing particularly fancy. It has big fish sold on kilo, but some online critics report that not everything is always available. Interesting thing is that all the seafood/fish items specify how many grams they are.

To kick off, we had half a kilo of white wine. It was very sweet. The waiter (who probably was the owner/manager) told us that it was muscat wine from Tyrnavos. We liked it.

We had salade with rocket, Parmesan, and a very small quantity of walnuts. Nothing particular, but tasted fresh and enjoyable.

And pies from Milos island.

The filling was cheese and some other things that I did not pay much attention to. It was a big hit among Internet critics, but I did not particularly like it.

This is garides saganaki. The prawns were well cleaned and sauce was delicious, but the portion was rather small for the price (if I remember well, it was above 10 Euro).

And fried calamari. Not bad, not particularly good, and definitely more expensive than in Peiraiki, where the normal price for fried calamari is 5 Euro.

Potatoes were also average.

At the end, we were offered two shots of mastiha and the owner wanted offer us another half kilo of white wine (for free). We did not take the offer, but it was a nice gesture.

All in all, if you are in the area, it is a nice, affordable fish taverna, but for us who are in Peiraiki, going to Aigaleo for seafood is a bit of out of the mark.

Thalassa Aigaleo City - Θάλασσα Αιγάλεω City
Moschonision 13, Aigaleo, Athens
Μοσχονησίων 13, Αιγάλεω
Tel. 210 5900185


Linda said...

Very nice review, thanks so much for sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

mesogeia said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you for the comment. How are you doing in Montreal? :)