09 May, 2015

En Iordani @ Psyrri

As the tourist season is kicking in, I hope it is useful to write about a place in central Athens.

This particular restaurant is in Psyrri area, which is in a short walk away from Monastiraki Square/ Station.

In fact, we found ourselves in Monastiraki one holiday afternoon and tried to think where to have good and affordable meal. The first place came to our mind was Nikitas in Psyrri and we headed for it. To our disappointment, we did not find any table any more. So we ended up in this taverna called En Iordani, which was still half empty then (but it was about full by the time we left).

It looks an old taverna, but to be honest, I do not remembered to see it, say, 3 years ago. Maybe it did not look like it is now some years ago.

It serves food in a mageireio style and you can go to the counter to choose your main dishes. They do have menu, but my impression is that they do not have everything written in there. So you have either to ask your waiter or to go to the showcase.

We were not hugely hungry (also because we had just eaten ice creams at Le Greche on Mitropoleos Street) and choose only 4 dishes.

GH chose oven baked pork with potatoes.

It looks good, but did not taste as much; the meat was dry and had strong pork-smell. It was 7 Euro, if I remember well.

I went for aubergine imam, which was a good example of this dish, with strong caramel like flavor.

I wanted horta (boiled green), but they did not have it, so we got romaine lettuce, dill and spring onion salad.

Fried potatoes were quite good.

We had also bread and a bottle of beer and the total bill was under 22 Euro. Affordable, isn't it?

Besides, I liked very much the interior. I felt like I strolled into an old house. Although it does not have outdoor seating, there was a quite lot of natural light.

The food was not that impressive, but it is definitely a pleasant place to have a quick but traditional Greek lunch.

En Iordani - Εν Ιορδάνη
Agion Anargyron 3, Psyrri, Athens, 10554
Αγίων Αναργύρων 3, Ψυρρή, Αθήνα, 10554
Tel. 210- 3224570

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