21 February, 2015

Magevma @ Drapetsona (Piraeus)

Visited a modern Greek taverna called Magevma in Drapetsona part of Piraeus.

It is situated in a not-particularly-attractive residential part of town.

But the place is very nicely renovated.

We checked on the phone if any table available. Sunday afternoon is most busy time for many restaurants in Greece, so it is wise to check and indeed it was almost full. There was live music as well.

Menu is not very long, but has enough variety so that you have pleasure to wonder what you'd choose.

From the salad section, we chose baby spinach, beets, orange and hazelnuts combination. I don't particularly like hazelnuts, but did not want heavy salad with cheese or meat. It turned out to be a right choice. It was light, and the unusual combination was pleasant and enjoyable. 6 Euro.

This is melitzanosalata. Aubergine was mixed with red, yellow and green peppers. No mayonnaise, not too much oil or garlic. A light and refreshing dish. 3.50 Euro.

These are fried dumplings (like Chinese wan ton) of pastourmas. 5.50 Euro. The filling, I think, contained potato and tomato. Good execution. (I don't particularly like them, because I do not like fried dumplings, but it is just personal; GH was very happy).

As main dish, we ordered a pork kondosouvli (12 Euro). We observed that practically all the tables ordered either pork or chicken kondosouvli.

It is a bit expensive for one dish, but I think it was intended to feed 1.5 to 2 people. It was served with a pot of sauce, fried potatoes, pita, and tzatziki (the last is hidden in the photo). Pretty good, except for the potatoes which seemed to be left under heating light for some time.

At the end we were offered 2 shots of mastiha liqueur and cheese cakes. I don't like mastiha much in general, but the cheese cake was delicious.

Including a half kilo of red wine, the total bill came to 32.50 Euro, which is quite reasonable for this type of food. The problem was that we did not get fiscal receipt (and to be honest, I did not notice the piece of paper they gave me was just a order memo).

We were satisfied, except for this nasty trick. Next time, we should be more careful.

Magevma - Μάγευμα
Spartis 130A and Fotiou Korytsas, Drapetsona
Σπάρτης 130A & Φωτίου Κορυτσάς, Δραπετσώνα, Πειραιάς
Tel. 210 4627832


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