31 January, 2015

Glyfada Update - January 2015

About a week or two ago, we went to Glyfada for a walk and I noticed some new restaurants (or, rather, I verified where they were, as I have already heard about most of them).

We parked on Napoleon Zerba street, in front of a yet another new kebab shop called O Proedros.

This one is more like a take-away outlet, but there is a proper restaurant establishment on Lazaraki Street. It is incredible how quickly kebab shops multiply.

And this is Vinarte on Maragkou Street. For some reason, I had an impression it was somewhere near Hesperidon Square, but it was wrong.

It is a wine bar, but looking at the menu, it is also an Italian restaurant.

Now Glyfada has 2 Indian restaurants, one on Konstantinopoleos Street and the other one is on Zisimopoulou Street. This one the former one, Indi Go.

It offers Sunday lunch buffet for 15 Euro p.p.

Maybe this one is not so new: another Lebanese restaurant on Konstantinopoleos street, almost next to Livaneziko Lebanese restaurant.

Together with Souk and Kipos tou Edem, this is the 4th Lebanese/Arab place in Glyfada (although I am not totally sure if the Kipos still exists).

Although there were many attractive choices, we just went to Baron to have glasses of wine, as we had already eaten elsewhere.

We will try to return soon to visit some of the new places.

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