25 September, 2013

Suzanna @ Palaio Faliro

I intended to visit this place for a long time and finally made it on a Friday evening of September. It serves Lebanese & Politiki (Constantinopolitan) food and it is not one of these new Lebenese that opened in half a dozen recently.

We arrived there at 22:30 and the place was half full. More precisely, most of the tables in outdoor space were occupied while the indoor tables were empty except for one.

It is a small restaurant, but the space between the tables is large and we did not felt to be in a crowd.

The bottled water on the table was served without any request on our part, costing us 1 Euro.

The menu is not long. The food is divided in 3 parts: cold appetizers (which includes salads), warm appetizers, and main dishes. Fish is not served, and the vegetarians do not find any choice except for Falafel as main dish.

We ordered 3 appetizers and 1 main dish, with a bottle of beer (3 Euro for beer seems reasonable).

Lots of warm handmade mini-pitas were served together with appetizers.

This is Ezme, which is finely chopped tomato, radish, parsley and chili. Simply it might be, perfectly prepared. Thumb up.

Another cold appetizer was babaganoush. Similar to melitzanosalata, except for the presence of tahini. Red dots are pomegranate.

The aubergine had good smokey flavor and we did like it. Perfect with pita bread.

GH wanted pastourmadopitakia, so here you are.

These are fried rolls oriental yufka pastry, with the filling of pastorma and yellow cheese. Again good, but I liked better those I ate at another restaurant in Palaio Faliro, Avli. Nonetheless fine.

As main dish we ordered Kebab ala Suzanna.

I found the meat a bit too dry, but loved the flavor of meat and abundant spice. But if you prefer soft kebabs (that I dislike), you might not like these.

No fruits or desserts were offered at the end, but they have cheap desserts starting from a scoop of ice cream for 1.50 Euro. We were, however, too full at this point.

The total bill was 26.50 Euro. For the quality of the food, I found it reasonable enough.

The only thing I did not like was that the service was somehow slow, due to lack of manpower. There was only one serving staff and at some points she was struggling.

I would happy to return, but would avoid busy hours.

Chariton 5 & Orfeos, Palaio Faliro, Athens
Χαρίτων 5 και Ορφέως, Π. Φάληρο

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