21 September, 2013

Kouzoulo @ Kifissia

I do not know why, but Blogger again removed the function to select the size of the photos. Shame.

Early September, GH and I went to a Cretan restaurant in Kifissia called Kouzoulo. I found a discount coupon on internet and, as I had wanted to try this place for some time, I bought it.

We went there on a Friday evening by car; the road was quite congested and the parking wasn't easy.

The address is "Δραγούμη & Ανδριανού 28", so we walked along Adrianou street without being able to find it. But eventually figured out that it is above this luxurious (Kifissian style) Grigoris, and the entrance is Dragoumi Street side.

It is just in front of ISAP (aka Metro No. 1) station.

Inside is modern taverna style. I wouldn't really call it a restaurant as a waitress and a cook were walking and smoking, while the guy who looked like the manager was working with his laptop at one of the tables.

I think the fact that it does not have any outdoor seating space is a big minus to attract Greek clientele in warm seasons.

Bread is served with olives and olive oil and you are charged 1.50 Euro p.p. And we did not manage to eat bread almost at all.

I wanted to order stamnagathi, but there wasn't. So this is a simple Greek salad. 7 Euro. It was a pretty large bowl, enough to share among 3 people at least.

Sarikopitakia from "pites (pies)" section. The filling was ksinomizithra cheese and topped with honey. 7. Euro.

Pretty good. Very filling. 7 Euro.

This is pork afelia from meze section. 8.50 Euro.

The sauce was tasty and had a good flavour. However the meat had quite a lot of fat and gristle. Not sure if it was the right cut.

GH wanted to eat spaghetti (I do not know why he wanted to eat spaghetti in a Cretan restaurant, but, whatever...), so we ordered this. I do not remember the name exactly, but it had the restaurant's name in it. It was like a bacon, pepper and tomato spaghetti, but the bacon was substituted with Cretan apaki.

Not bad, but it was too salty because of the overdose of apaki and, anyway, it wasn't worth 11 Euro.

I wanted to eat arnaki fricasse, but they did not have any dish with arni or arnaki (lamb) in it, so I ended up in choosing zigouri (mutton) in cooking paper.

A big mistake. The meat was incredibly salty, as if it was left in salt for hours before being cooked. Sad. 12 Euro.

Unusually for a Cretan restaurant, they do not offer anything for free (in Cretan restaurants, often they give free raki, rakomelo, or rusks with cheese even in Athens).

We had also a half litre of red wine (7 Euro) and the bill came to 55.50 Euro before discount (I actually paid 35.50, but they did not give us a receipt for the portion I paid with the coupon).

I am OK for paying 30 Euro p.p. at a restaurant on a condition that they do not serve any bad dish. Kouzoulo did it to me, so it is very unlikely to come back.

Dragoumi & Adrianou 28, Kifissia
(Δραγούμη & Ανδριανού 28, Κηφισιά)
Tel: 210-6233900

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