16 July, 2012

News from Marina Zea

It is very hot in Greece these days, around 40 degrees every day. The forecasters say that it gets better tomorrow and they promise me 37 degrees. What a difference!

Yesterday, we went out for a coffee to Marina Zea. If you think that we looked for an air-conditioned place, you do not know Greeks. The Greeks do not seem to like air conditions at cafeterias or at restaurants, like cats do not like air-conditioned rooms. So, although I would have preferred to sit inside with air-conditioning, Greek Husband did not allow me such a luxury.

Do you remember that I wrote that Costa Costa had closed down. Surely not. So I tell you that it was closed down and now there is a new cafeteria-restaurant called Bayway (BW).

It is a huge space. We tried it about a month ago and club sandwich was pretty good. Yesterday I saw that they were offering small croissants to those who order coffees, surely to snatch some people from Flocafe just next door.

On the other hand we were surprised to find that Kitchen Bar next door had been closed down.

There was a piece of paper on the door saying that it was removed by Marina Zea Authorities.

And we headed for Pisina (Πισίνα). It is probably one of the most beautiful cafeterias in Piraeus. There is a pool (piscina in Italian) at the center and, besides, you can see all the panorama of coastal Athens.

As you can imagine, things are on expensive side, especially the food, even by Marina Zea standard. I think desserts are 8 or 9 Euros. Club sandwiches cost around 9.50 Euro, but they were offering a free beer or a soft drink to every club sandwich and we took it.

Unfortunately the club sandwich was not very good, although beautifully presented. Bayway's club was a way better.

Pisina is for a coffee. When we want food, we would go to Bayway.

P.S.: By the way, here is the club sandwich of BayWay (it was club with egg and chicken if I remember well).

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