24 March, 2012

Aigaio @ Elefsina

I have already told you that we had been to Elefsina (Eleusis) (and I think I also told you also not to go to Ramnous on weekends as the site is closed due to labour dispute; REMEMBER if you are an amateur archaeologist).

Here are some more photos from Elefsina.

Entrance to the archaeological site was free, as it was a Sunday in March. There was a group of Russian women visiting it with a guide. I guessed it was a sort of KAPI excursion of Russian community in Athens.


I have to update Eleusis section of Gate to Greece with new photos.

And the lunch!

At the moment we finished the visit, GH was very hungry and wanted to settle on somewhere near. I used my smartphone to locate one and went.



It is a small fish taverna very close to the archaeological site.

The menu is short with usual items of Greek psarotavernes. We ordered some humble dishes.

Here are red wine, bread, salad and taramosalata.

The salad I think was called DIAFORI, with cabbage, celery, red pepper, parsley, and cauliflower, all marinated in salt-vinegar dressing so that they are like pickled. Nice.

Taramosalata, which was slightly green due to the presence of parsley, was one of the best I have eaten (although I have to admit that I do not eat taramosalata at restaurants often). Not too salty and not too oily.

I liked the wine. I think I prefer cheap new wine than the barreled and matured ones.

Fried calamari were very good. Sweet and succulent. I ate fried calamari recently at the taverna Tripodos in Plaka and I can tell you that there was no comparison.

I ordered also grilled sardines.

Also delicious. Mmmmmm.

We had also fried potatoes (which were very average) and the bill came to less than 30 Euro (28, if I remember well).

Of course it is not a destination restaurant, but if we happen to be in Elefsina, we will be happy to go back.

Aischylou 3, Elefsina

After the lunch, we walked toward the port to digest and have a cup of coffee. We stopped at a cafeteria called Friends.

It was a very nice Sunday afternoon.

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