11 March, 2012

2 Musical Weekends

I am not a musical person and a less-than-average music listener, while GH likes to go to concerts. He is not much of a music listener, but he seems to like the musical environment.

So, last Saturday we went to Dipla Sto Potami (here) to hear Glykeria.

Greek concerts start VERY late, this one at 10:30 (the actual start was about 11:00). Not wanting to spend much, we just bought 2 tickets at bar (15 Euro incl. 1 drink). If you wanted a table, you would have paid at least 65 Euro for 2 with a bottle of wine. A bottle of whisky was, if I remember well, 90 Euro or 95, but I don't know how many people could share it.

Anyway, we were on foot all the way through, as the bar ticket did not entitle us to any chair.

This is my drink "Cuba Libre" which looked unusually light-coloured. As I do not drink much, I gave most of it to GH.

I like the songs of Glykeria, but the concert did not enthuse me much. I can enjoy as much with her CD.

It finished earlier than I expected, at 2:00 o'clock. The last one I went, one of Portokaloglou, finished at 3:30 and the other one GH went, of Mitropanos, finished at 4:00. So Glykeria's was relatively "short".

And I was annoyed very much by cigarette smoke. Next day, I had to leave outdoor my coat so that the smell went away, without total success.


And next.

Yesterday, we went to a concert of Luisa Rocha, a fado singer, at Filologikos Syllogos Parnasos.

This is much more normal concert. A ticket was 10 or 15 Euro (for 15, you get a seat closer to the stage) and you get a chair for that. It started at 8:30 and finished 10:00.

It was quite enjoyable for me, while GH, who likes "Glenti" (a Greek word I cannot really translate), enjoyed it to a certain degree. I mean, he enjoyed the music, but was missing something.

Anyway, it was great experience both of them.

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