26 February, 2012

Exploring Agioi Theodoroi

It is getting warm recently and we finally started to go out weekends.

Today we decided to explore Agioi Theodoroi and Kineta where I have never been to. These places are on the way to Corinth from Athens and just after Megara.

And by the sea.

Of course it is still too cold to swim, but it is nice to walk by the sea on warm days.

I think this is an almond tree.

Almond Tree

It reminds me of cherry trees of which blooming is a (or the) sign of spring in Japan.

And we stopped a seaside taverna called Meltemi for lunch.

Salad, tzatziki, fried calamari, smoked red peppers (that was how they were called, but there was no sign of smokiness; just grilled and pickled red peppers), half litre of wine...

Chicken Souvlaki

And chicken souvlaki, as it is still a day before Salakosti.

They offered sesame halvas as dessert. The food was fine, if not fantastic. We paid reasonable 31 Euros.

Saronikou Street,
Paralia Agion Theodoron
Agioi Theodoroi
27410 61551

The Agioi Theodoroi-ans were celebrating the carnival.

Carnival of Agioi Theodoroi

Then we moved to Kineta for a coffee.

I expected Ag. Theodori and Kineta to be more "touristic", but they were just quiet small towns with beach, just some restaurants and some cafeterias. Surely more are open during the summer, but should not be as busy as, say, Schinias.

We might be back to see them, when the summer comes at last.

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