11 February, 2012

Everest Sandwich, Crepe and Piraiki

About ten days ago, my father-in-law was taken to the hospital and remained at a state hospital in Voula and remained there for 8 days.

It was a very difficult period for my husband's family, because some of them had to stay with the Father for 24 hours a day. I am not sure if it was absolutely necessary especially for the last 3 days when he was relatively better, but it is what the Greek families do and the Greek state hospitals (maybe not all, but at least some) behaves.

If you live in a so-called developed country (and maybe even if you live in a so-called developing country), you won't believe your eyes when you see any hospital let visitor enter and leave freely 24 hours a day without ID check. In Greece, this is what happens.

Anyway, as it was sometimes difficult to go home to eat, the Husband and I took advantage of the Everest's offer of 3 Euro for a hot sandwich with 4 fillings of your liking.

I do not like Everest so much (I am a Grigoris' follower, as you might know), and this was the first time to try their hot sandwich for which the chain is famous for. As was predictable, I did not like the soggy and stale sandwich, but the idea of pick-whatever-you-like for 3 Euro is a good one in the increasingly poorer Greek population and I am sure the offer is making a great success. Even if I personally do not like it, I cannot help but wish for their success (to survive).

Anyway, God bless now he is out of hospital. But curse on the "A" State Hospital that chased him out when he first wanted to be visited by a doctor. If they had checked him up and had given him a prescription of anti-biotic, it would not have been necessary to take him to hospital with an ambulance and hospitalize him for 8 days.


Last Sunday in Piraiki. The Husband was dead tired but wanted to breath the sea breeze.

I ate a crepe at Bragi Cafe.


This time the crepe dough was rather dry and hard, but still great value for 4 Euro. Next time, I have to tell them to reduce the amount of chocolate filling just for me.

On our way home, the sky was like in one of the paintings of Turner.


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